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Mother’s Day Speed Scratch Recipes 

To keep up with high volume holidays like Mother’s Day, we asked Chef Ojan about his favorite Mother’s Day speed scratch time and labor-saving products. Here are some of his favorites to incorporate into speed scratch recipes.

  1. Street corn dip– Uses: flatbread, pasta dishes, sauce for chicken, shrimp or pork, stand-alone dip with chips or crostini, topping for a southern style biscuit or as ingredient in burrito filling.
  2. Spinach artichoke dip – Uses: pasta dishes, flatbreads, pizza, sandwich spread, filling for chicken breast or pork chops, oyster topper or dip for an appetizer (can add crab, bacon, and roasted corn for a signature dip).
  3. Corn and peppers – Uses: risotto, rice pilaf, salads, sides, fricassee, hash, add in for cornbread, casseroles, stuffings, and pasta dishes.
  4. Couscous roasted vegetables – Uses: protein topper, sides, and salads.
  5. Sweet potato and roasted vegetables – Uses: sides, soups, stews, hearty burrito filling, great for omelets and breakfast applications.
  6. Plant based Bolognese – Uses: sauce is ready for pasta dishes, flatbreads, eggplant and other vegetables, great plant based sauce option on any menu.
  7. Waffle– Uses: sandwich bread alternative, can top with seasonal fruit, sauces, and other savory proteins such as pulled pork, chicken or fried chicken.
  8. Mac and cheese – Uses: Ready to use side, great with mix-ins such as lobster, brisket, pulled pork, bacon, pork belly, fried onions and spinach. 
  9. Sous vide pork belly – Uses: From appetizers to entrées, the possibilities are endless. Can use as burnt ends or add to pasta, burgers and green beans.
  10. Cheese grits– Uses: A stand-alone side that pairs perfectly with pork, beef, shrimp and chicken. Can top with bacon, shrimp, and veggies as an entrée. Great breakfast bowl base; top with sausage, scrambled eggs, and chives.