Meatless Burger Patty & Ground Bulk

Made with certified Non-GMO soy, these vegan alternatives packs 18g of protein per serving. Consumers are looking for an alternative to traditional proteins. The Sysco Simply Meatless Burger Patty is a great option to add to your favorite burger recipes. The Ground Bulk can be used to create tacos, meatloaf, burrito filling and more!

Meatless Burger Patty

The plant based, meatless burger patty is designed to enable Sysco’s customers to accommodate the growing consumer demand for varied dietary and lifestyle. The patty is a vegan, non-GMO soy product with 18 grams of plant based protein per serving. Burgers represent the largest plant based food service category, according to the NPD Group, a market research firm

Ground Bulk

Our Sysco Simply Plant Based Ground Bulk is made from the same formula as our patty but allows operators to customize a wide range of menu options. Product usage include pasta sauce, pizza topping, hand-formed meatballs, meatloaf base, tacos & burritos filling, and more! Sysco’s ground bulk meets the consumer demand for plant based dishes – in Technomic’s 2017 Center of Plate: Seafood and Vegetarian Report, 49% of consumers stated they are likely to order dishes described as plant based.



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