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Frank’s RedHot® Dry Seasoning

Turn up the profits with more flavor and heat.

  • February 12, 2019

Frank’s RedHot® Dry Seasoning is an ideal marriage of both flavor and heat. This aged dry cayenne pepper seasoning brings the unmistakable flavor of America’s No. 1 hot sauce brand to wings, fries, dips, salads and much more.

This innovative seasoning is offered in a dry format without tedious dehydrations and is easy to use as a flavor addition to various menu items from a brand that patrons know and love.

Here are some menu ideas to incorporate Frank’s RedHot® Dry Seasoning in your menu today:

  1. Buffalo-Seasoned Waffle Fries: Crispy waffle fries spiced with Frank’s RedHot® Dry Seasoning and loaded with shredded buffalo-style chicken breast, blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes and creamy blue cheese-ranch dressing, garnished with celery leaves and green onion
  2. South African-Style Piri Piri Chicken Legs: Oven-seared bone-in chicken legs with spicy chile and red pepper marinade, served with creamy coconut-citrus sauce and garnished with fresh lemon wedges and parsley
  3. Passionfruit (Mocktail) Margarita With Spicy Chile Rim: Tart citrus kombucha and lime juice mixed with exotic passionfruit juice with a Frank’s RedHot® Dry Seasoning chili-salt rim and pineapple garnish
  4. Frank’s RedHot® Creamy Dip: Sour cream, Frank’s RedHot® buffalo sauce and dry seasoning and blue cheese crumbles served with fresh vegetables

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