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French Fries & Salt: The Perfect Pair

  • August 13, 2021

The aroma of hot, crisp, fresh fries is all it takes. The delicious smell, along with a powerful combination of starch, salt and fat create a flavor and mouthfeel that can be difficult to resist. But like any great dynamic duo – think peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, cinnamon and sugar – french fries also have a perfect partner that helps create their iconic status – salt.

Often touted as the closest thing we have to a magic ingredient, salt acts in multiple ways to brighten and enhance the flavor of foods. In the world of french fries, salt is the most important seasoning ingredient.

But which salt is best? Kosher salt is a fry’s best friend. With a coarse texture, kosher salt is easy to pinch and easy to see and chefs can feel just how much salt is being added for more precise measuring and control. Plus, kosher salt offers superior adhesion and stays on the fry’s surface.

Sysco Classic Kosher Salt is perfect for salting fries right out of the fryer, but it also has superior blending capabilities and is great for crafting specialty seasoning rubs that will take your fries over the top! In addition to seasoning fries, kosher salt is ideal for roasting vegetables, and can also be used in a wide variety of applications. While you may not always associate the importance of salt with cocktails, adding kosher salt on the rim of the glasses makes the tart and sweet flavors of a margarita really stand out. The salt crystals add a nice little crunch as well.

Here are five unique recipes to inspire your own french fry and other culinary creations!

But back to our love of french fries. We know they are addictive, especially when they are hot, fresh and crispy, which is sometimes hard to maintain with takeout and delivery. Sysco is proud to offer SAVRpak, a revolutionary, moisture-removing pack that forces moisture from the air, traps it, and keeps it away from your food. It easily adheres on to-go packaging and foods stay crisp and ready to eat. No more soggy fries!

The perfect complement to burgers, delicious, salty french fries round out the quintessential American food coupling. As operators, leverage and expand your french fry offerings beyond the traditional side and craft craveable specialties that will not only keep customers coming back but boost profits too!