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Holiday Beef Ideas That Aren’t a Load of Bull!

While turkey still reigns supreme as the classic main course of the holiday season, the rise of the foodie culture has other proteins, like beef loins, briskets, and roasts, offering show-stopping dishes that also take center stage at the table. Though they can be prepared in a fashion similar to traditional turkey, for example, marinating or slow-roasting, these alternative proteins provide a diversity of flavor and center of the plate appeal that today’s diners love. The versatility of preparation and shorter overall cook times can also boost profits for operators.

Butcher’s Block Reserve USDA Certified Choice Angus Brisket explodes with flavor when braised, roasted, or smoked at low temperatures. Since it requires minimal trimming, this product is a great labor-saver in the kitchen.  Complement the dish with a variety of aromatic vegetables, and this delicious, tender meat becomes the essence of comfort food and the epitome of a friends and family-centered feast.

Incredibly tender and flavorful, beef tenderloin truly shines as the star of an impressive holiday meal.  Butcher’s Block Beef Tenderloin is a consistently sized premium-quality cut that allows operators to prepare this item according to their customer’s specifications. Serve an entrée of Beef Tenderloin with crisp-golden potatoes, pan-seared and cooked to perfection with a garlic herb and butter sauce.

Butcher’s Block Reserve USDA Choice Angus Beef Inside Top Round has a robust flavor and makes an appealing center-of-the-plate presentation or the main feature on a carving station. This versatile cut is a great value for operators and may be served as both steaks and roasts for a variety of flavorful dishes that will impress guests.

So, in addition to nostalgic favorites like turkey and ham, up the “wow” factor on your menus with unique signature beef-inspired dishes that will delight guests and spark new, flavorful traditions this holiday season.