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Introducing Fall 2020 Cutting Edge Solutions Products

An edge above the rest. Here are 10 concepts to boost profits.

Spring 2020 CES Cutting Edge Solutions Products

Whether you are preparing comforting classic dishes or award-winning creations, Sysco is with you every step of the way. We proudly provide our customers with Cutting Edge Solutions products to help you run your kitchen with confidence and succeed in this constantly evolving industry.

Our Cutting Edge Solutions items are sourced from leading and up-and-coming suppliers at the forefront of innovation. From better-for-you ingredients to labor-saving products, Cutting Edge Solutions can help you easily update your menu and delight guests with new flavors. These Cutting Edge Solutions present new profit opportunities for your business to give you an edge above your competition.

On-trend flavors

Spark new interest in your menu with chef-tested, on-trend ingredients that help you create unique signature dishes.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfy your customers’ changing dietary preferences with better-for-you products that easily complement your menu.

Profitable solutions

Save valuable time and labor with versatile products that can help you achieve operational excellence and maximize your profitability.

Luxe Ravioli

Fill in the Blanks

Arrezzio Imperial Luxe Ravioli

With on-trend upscale-worthy flavor profiles, this lighter, thinner, more delicate version of ravioli cooks in minutes and can be easily customized.

These ravioli come in three savory flavors:

  • Goat Cheese & Lemon
  • Braised Beef
  • Burrata Cheese
Vegan Cornetto

Convenient Croissants

Sysco Simply Plant Based Vegan Cornettos

These traditional European croissants are certified vegan and make a great addition to a breadbasket, sandwich, or served on their own with sweet or savory spreads.

Try them in two flavors:

Savory: A perfect mix of ancient grains such as bran, whole linseed, poppy, sesame and sunflower seeds.

Elderberry & Raspberry: Made with ancient grains such as rye, oat, and barley with an elderberry and raspberry filling and crystal cane sugar glazing.

CES Dessert Mashups

Double the Decadence

Sysco Imperial Dessert Mashups

Mash up some of your customers’ favorite flavors with these fun, creamy and delicious thaw-and-serve cheesecakes that will turn dessert into an experiential occasion.

These hybrid desserts come in three flavors:

  • Caramel Apple Cheesecake: A graham cracker crust topped with caramel cheesecake and apple cubes then finished with a unique, tart green apple mousse.
  • Cotton Candy Swirl Cheesecake: A cotton candy-flavored pink and blue swirled cheesecake baked on a graham cracker crust, topped with a ring of whipped cream and lightly flavored with strawberry.
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Bread Cheesecake: Crumbled lemon poppy seed bread mixed with creamy vanilla cheesecake, baked in a graham cracker crust and topped with real whipped cream and lemon poppy seed crumbles.
CES Pulled Oats

Superfood Super Fast

Sysco Simply Plant Based Protein (Pulled Oats)

Made of a superfood blend of oats, beans and peas, this versatile and unique ready-to-prepare plant-based protein easily replaces meat in any dish.

CES Pimento Cheese Bites With Chipotle Ranch

Square Up Your Menu

Sysco Imperial Pimento Cheese Bites

These craveable bites meet consumer demand for cheese-based appetizers, add a popular flavor profile to entrées and make a unique pairing with beer and cocktails.

Sysco Classic Sous Vide Sirloin Steak

So Good Sous Vide

Sysco Classic Sous Vide Sirloin Steak

Made from USDA Choice grade beef, this sous vide version of a menu favorite ensures a perfectly cooked steak every time to help lower costs without sacrificing quality.

Chicken Skewers With a Variety of Dips

Flame-Grilled Quick Fix

Sysco Classic Fully Cooked Chicken Skewers

Simply heat and serve these super convenient flame-grilled chicken skewers that are great for to-go applications and trending Mediterranean- style entrées.

These chicken skewers are fire-grilled and come in three varieties:

  • Chicken Thigh Skewers: Fire-grilled and certified halal thigh meat that brings next-level flavor, texture, and juiciness.
  • Chicken Breast Skewers: Made with 100% chicken breast that’s tender, fire-grilled, and certified halal.
  • Piri-Piri Chicken Breast Skewers: Tender, fire-grilled, 100% chicken breast with a spicy South African-inspired flavor rub.
CES Sprouted Bread

Better-for-You Bread

Sysco Simply Plant Based Sprouted Grain Breads

The all-natural Sysco Simply Plant Based Sprouted Grain Breads are a  hearty, whole grain, and truly deliver on taste. These sprouted breads do not contain any artificial colors and are free from both pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Try the nutty, earthy flavor of sprouted bread in two varieties that are both made from sprouted grain flourless mash:

  • Oat Grain: A blend of sprouted whole wheat plus oats.
  • Wheatberry: A blend of sprouted whole wheat plus grains and seeds.
CES Boneless Thigh Wings

Spread Your Wings

Tyson Boneless Thigh Wings

These thigh meat wings have the appearance and moist, tender qualities of bone-in wings yet are completely boneless! Toss them in your signature BBQ or Buffalo sauce for a crowd-pleasing entrée or appetizer.

Jr. Sidewinders With Blue Cheese Buffalo Sauce

Ahead of the Curve

Simplot Junior Cut Sidewinders Fries

Great for topping or for soaking up sauces and dips, these fun curvy fries are coated with a special batter that provides superior flavor and longer-lasting crispy crunch.