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Introducing Fall 2019 Cutting Edge Solutions Products

An edge above the rest. Here are nine products to boost profits.

Whether you are preparing comforting classic dishes or award-winning creations, Sysco is with you every step of the way. We proudly provide our customers with Cutting Edge Solutions to help you run your kitchen with confidence and succeed in this constantly evolving industry.

Our Cutting Edge Solutions are sourced from leading and up-and-coming suppliers at the forefront of innovation. From better-for-you ingredients to labor-saving products, Cutting Edge Solutions can help you easily update your menu and delight guests with exciting flavors and items. These Cutting Edge Solutions products present new profit opportunities for your business to give you an edge above your competition.

On-trend flavors

Spark new interest in your menu with chef-tested, on-trend ingredients that help you create unique signature dishes.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfy your customers’ changing dietary preferences with better-for-you products that easily complement your menu.

Profitable solutions

Save valuable time and labor with versatile products that can help you achieve operational excellence and maximize your profitability.

Chicken In No Time Flat

Sysco Classic Ultra-Thin Chicken Breasts are pre-flattened boneless, skinless chicken breasts and have a uniform 1/4″ thickness and eliminate the need for pounding, saving operators time, mess, potential product waste, and avoids cross-contamination.

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No-Nonsense Shrimp

Portico Simply All-Natural Chemical-Free Shrimp is processed in BAP-certified farms and contain no hormones or antibiotics, leaving them entirely chemical-free for maximum freshness and flavor. They are available in peeled and deveined, tail-on and tail-off varieties and are individually quick frozen for ease of labor and maximum versatility.

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Far East Fried Chicken

Customers love to experience the world through food! Sysco Classic Asian-Style Chicken Bites, a take on traditional Japanese fried chicken, these tender, juicy bites are made from No Antibiotics Ever chicken and marinated in a savory soy-ginger brine with a golden crispy coating.

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Cultural Cutlets

Meet consumer demand for trending ethnic flavors with Sysco Classic Chicken Katsu, a crispy, panko-crusted boneless, skinless chicken thigh meat cutlets. They have a natural shape and homemade appearance and come ready-to-prepare, saving time and labor costs.

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Short Cut to Short Ribs

All-natural and simply seasoned, Sysco Classic Sous Vide Bone-In Short Ribs are braised and slow-cooked sous vide-style in their own juices, making them impeccably tender and flavorful. This innovative protein presentation offers a simple and affordable way to introduce a premium center-of the-plate entrée on your menu. With their thaw, heat and serve format, these short ribs can be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes with grilled, pulled, seared, sauced or glazed applications.

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Hassle-Free Lamb

Cooked low and slow sous vide-style to a delectable tenderness, Sysco Imperial Sous Vide Lamb is ready to heat and serve in any application from center-of-the-plate to bowls and ethnic-inspired sandwiches. With precise quality and impeccable safety, these items offer consistency in the kitchen, labor savings and easy storage in the freezer.

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Light & Just Right Fried Shrimp

A healthier version of fried shrimp is now possible. Made with peeled and deveined, tail-off shrimp coated with a blend of panko rice crumbs and quinoa ancient grains, Portico Classic Quinoa-Crusted Shrimp is lightly seasoned with garlic and herbs and completely gluten-free.

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The Big Cheese

Land O’Lakes Extra Melt® Sharp American Premium Cheese Slices make it easy to elevate your menu by delivering a premium, extra-cheesy and delicious flavor that will enhance your burgers, sandwiches and more. On top of premium taste and superior meltable texture, these cheese slices offer maximum convenience, coming in resealable packages with no interleaf between slices for less waste and ease of use in the kitchen.

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All-Natural Nuggets

For chicken nugget lovers looking for a meat alternative, Raised & Rooted Nuggets Made With Plants are a crispy, golden, tempura-battered plant-based solution. These soy-free pea protein nuggets deliver a satisfying crunch when biting into the meat-like interior that offers a mouthwatering texture which customers are familiar with, yet they are made entirely with plant-based ingredients.

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