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Sysco Classic Fully Cooked Chicken Skewers

Save time and labor with three chicken skewer options.

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Deliver a new and exciting rendition of a top-consumed protein with Sysco Classic Fully Cooked Chicken Skewers. This value-added product is incredibly versatile, innovative, and labor saving in an array of menu categories and applications that can differentiate your menu. Available in three varieties that are all fire-grilled, these skewers deliver unique chicken options that present an artisanal, back-of-house appearance while saving your operation time and money.

Chicken Thigh Skewers: Fire-grilled and certified halal thigh meat that brings next-level flavor, texture and juiciness.

Chicken Breast Skewers: Made with 100% chicken breast that’s tender, fire-grilled, and certified halal.

Piri-Piri Chicken Breast Skewers: Tender, fire-grilled, 100% chicken breast with a spicy South African-inspired flavor rub.

Sysco Classic Fully Cooked Chicken Skewers are incredibly versatile, innovative, and labor-saving in an array of menu categories.

Features & Benefits

  • Labor-saving product—fully cooked and ready-to-use for easy preparation
  • 100% yield—no loss of waste compared to raw skewers
  • Halal chicken allows you to merchandise offerings to additional markets
  • Versatile products work well in numerous menu applications including wraps, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, or center-of-the-plate preparations
  • 83% of consumers eat chicken on a regular basis (more than any other protein)*
  • Sales of chicken thighs and dark meat have grown immensely in the past 10 years**
  • One-third of people eat ethnic food at least once a week and 32% are willing to pay extra for authentic ethnic fare***

*Technomic Center of the Plate: Poultry Consumer Trend Report
**Tyson Foods
***Technomic Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report


Get inspired and start incorporating Sysco Classic Fully Cooked Chicken Skewers into your menu today:

1. Aleppo Chicken Skewers With Red Cabbage & Corn Salad: Grilled Aleppo pepper-rubbed chicken thigh skewers served over a red cabbage & corn salad.

2. Bacon-Basted Chicken Breast Skewers Over Spring Salad: Bacon-fat basted chicken breast skewers served over a spring salad of bacon, new potatoes, asparagus, radicchio, radishes, and sugar snap peas served with sriracha-yogurt dressing.

3. Lemon-Basil Chicken Skewers With White Bean Hummus & Olive- Tomato Salad: Lemon-basil marinated grilled chicken breast skewers on pita bread with white bean hummus served with additional white bean hummus and marinated olive-tomato salad garnished with fresh dill, sliced radishes, and spring mix.

4. Piri-Piri Skewers With Coconut-Tomato Relish: Grilled piri-piri–spiced chicken breast skewers served with coconut-tomato relish, lightly pickled cucumbers, and cilantro-jalapeno sauce garnished with sliced jalapeno.

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