Product Summary

Organic sprouted whole wheat mash shines as the first of only seven simple plant-based ingredients in this deliciously versatile 4-inch sliced bun. With a hearty-but-smooth texture, Sysco Simply Plant Based Sprouted Hamburger Buns are a better-for-you blank canvas for burgers, breakfast sandwiches, bunwiches, and more.

Features & Benefits

• Our buns meet the classification of a whole grain product with 41 grams of whole grain per serving (oats) and 40 grams of whole grain per serving (wheatberry).

• Ideal for diners with dietary restrictions, including allergy-conscious customers, this hamburger bun is plant based, certified organic, non-GMO, kosher, vegan and made in a tree nut- and peanut-free facility.

• These bun are an excellent choice for operators who want to offer their customers vegan/vegetarian options that present a healthier, better-for-you option.

• Feel good about serving these buns as they do not contain artificial ingredients, flavors, colors or added preservatives.

• Made from sprouted whole-grain, flourless mash, and simple plant-based ingredients to offer better-for-you nutrition that’s easy to digest.

• These buns are dense and sturdy allowing operators to customize loaded sandwiches with multiple toppings and condiments.