Product Summary

Lower costs without sacrificing quality with this convenient version of a menu favorite. Made from USDA Choice grade beef, Sysco Classic Sous Vide Sirloin Steak is pre-portioned, lightly seasoned, and pre-cooked to medium-rare in a water bath to precisely 135 degrees. It is then immediately individually quick frozen (IQF), making it ready to heat and serve for a consistently perfect steak every time. Operators can easily add their signature touch and eliminate the need for skilled labor in the back-of-house by incorporating this highly versatile product in center-of-the-plate entrées, all-day breakfast options, on top of salads, and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Sous vide is a French technique using a temperature-controlled water bath that requires 7 to 10 hours of cooking time to achieve tender, juicy meat
  • USDA Choice grade beef delivers a prime eating experience
  • Pre-portioning and precision cooking ensure consistent serving sizes and evenly cooked meat, which decreases returned steaks
  • Decrease ticket times; simply thaw, sear, and serve
  • Ready-to-prepare product saves time and labor costs
  • Consistent and safe product as cooked under sous vide cooking method in USDA-certified facility
  • Steak is more popular than ever, appearing on 73% of menus*
  • Sous vide products have increased 186% on foodservice menus over the last 4 years*