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New BOLD Look, Same GREAT Taste!

Dress up your table with our newly redesigned House Recipe tabletop ketchup.

House Recipe Ketchup

As your most trusted and valued business partner, we realize that your success depends on the highest quality products, especially products in the front of the house that are touched by your patrons every day. 

“Grease-Resistant Labels Look Clean and Offer Guests a Better User Experience.”

Sysco’s House Recipe ketchup bottles offer a premium tabletop experience operators can trust.

Elegant new label design makes the bottle look great on your tabletop.

Grease-resistant labels look clean and offer guests
a better user experience.

Fancy* ketchup delivers a thicker, bolder tomato flavor
when compared to Grade B ketchup.

Bring “fancy” to your table with the newly redesigned House Recipe tabletop ketchup bottle.

16/20 oz – 6638738

36/14 oz – 4560934

16/24 oz – 9617218

*Ketchup must have a minimum of 33% tomato solids in the sauce to qualify as “Fancy” or US Grade A by the USDA.

When it comes to accompaniments, we know the importance of packaging; after all, dining is a visual experience. Sysco believes that our packaging should have great design and functionality, and we’re making that happen. 

Top Foods That Pair Well With Tabletop Ketchup:

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