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Loaded Fries Two Ways

Go whole hog or meat-free with two options for loaded fries—a great shareable bar snack for game day or any time.

Two kinds of loaded french fries: one with alternative meat-free protein and one with two kinds of pork.

A vegetarian and a carnivore walk into a bar—maybe you’ve heard this joke before. What if the story continued: A vegetarian and a carnivore walk into a bar to watch their favorite game on TV, and both find menu options for snacks and apps that meet their dining needs.

With Sysco Simply’s new line of meatlike alternative proteins, this scenario can become a reality for your operation. To illustrate how you can make easy substitutions without disrupting your menu, we’ve created two plays on a popular shareable bar snack: loaded French fries. A meat-eater’s delight, the Pig Skin Loaded Fries features applewood-smoked Sysco Classic Bacon and labor-saving Butcher’s Block BBQ Smoked Pulled Pork piled on a foundation of hearty Sysco Imperial Skin-On 1/2-inch Straight-Cut Fries.

For vegetarians, flexitarians and anyone looking to cut down on meat consumption, our Loaded Plant-Based “Chorizo” Fries dish has all the flavor of beef without the meat itself. Instead, the recipe uses Sysco Simply Plant-Based Ground Bulk. This gluten-free, dairy-free, certified vegan product has a rich, meaty taste and the texture of ground beef. It is protein-packed and ready to use across your menu, in tacos, meatloaves and other applications. Here we’ve sautéed it with a “chorizo” spice blend for extra flavor before topping French fries with it, alongside two kinds of cheese and sliced jalapeno chiles.

Talk to your Sysco Sales Consultant about Sysco Simply products or visit SyscoFoodie.com/Simply to learn more.