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Chill Out With Summer Desserts

Sweeten your summer menu with these blissful ice cream treats.

Summer desserts

When temperatures rise, diners seek out delectable chilled desserts. From the nostalgic taste of an ice cream sandwich to a milkshake made with leftover pie, we have cool recipes to fit right into your summer menu.

Between Two Cookies

These fun and delicious ice cream sandwiches use Baker’s Source Classic Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Sugar Cookies as the bookends for Wholesome Farms Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate Ice Cream. The cookies, which start as labor-saving thaw-and-serve discs, allow for endless customization. The peanut butter cookies are packed with real peanut slivers, while the sugar cookie has a rich buttery taste. The chocolate chip cookie is one of Sysco’s most popular desserts on the market. Once you’re done shaping the sandwich, dip it in melted chocolate and decorate the outside with rainbow sprinkles, crumbled cookies or M&M’s Minis.

A Dazzling Combination

Waffles are all the rage right now. You can stuff them with sweet and savory ingredients at breakfast and then use that same Sysco Classic Belgian Waffle Mix to make a delicious bed for a chilled dessert. In this recipe, the chef has added mashed sweet potato to the waffle mix to create sweet potato waffles and topped them with Wholesome Farms Vanilla Ice Cream flavored with cinnamon. He then combined strawberry preserves with hot bacon drippings and drizzled it on top for a sweet and savory dish worthy of Instagram.

There’s a Pie in My Shake

Not sure what
to do with that leftover Key lime pie—or any pie, for that matter? Whiz it up
in a blender with several scoops of Wholesome
Farms Vanilla Ice Cream
to make a rich milkshake. Top it with accents that
complement the original flavors, such as shaved lime zest and smashed graham
cracker crumbs. Add a shot of alcohol to make a grown-up version.

We all remember the hot lazy days of childhood when we would chase after the neighborhood ice cream man in his musical truck. Bring a little bit of that summertime fun and flavor to your menu this season. No one will want to skip dessert when it includes these frozen treats.