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Sysco Simply Plant Based Sprouted Grain Bread

Bread with all-natural whole-grain goodness.

CES Sprouted Bread

Take a bite into pre-sliced, all-natural Sysco Simply Plant Based Sprouted Grain Breads—a hearty, whole grain bread that truly delivers on taste. These sprouted breads do not contain any artificial colors. We go a step further to ensure the ingredients that go into these sprouted breads are free from both pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This plant based bread is versatile across the menu, from breakfast and sandwiches to specialty diet offerings for vegans and vegetarians. Try the nutty, earthy flavor of sprouted bread in two varieties that are both made from sprouted grain flourless mash:

Oat Grain: A blend of sprouted whole wheat plus oats

Wheatberry: A blend of sprouted whole wheat plus grains and seeds

All-natural Sysco Simply Plant Based Sprouted Grain Breads truly deliver on taste.

Features & Benefits

  • Product is made with 27g whole grains per slice, appealing to customers looking for better-for-you options (Whole Grains Council)
  • Vegan, vegetarian, and non-GMO
  • Serve your customers with confidence; no artificial colors, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers
  • Convenient; ready-to-use from freezer with an 8-month frozen shelf life
  • Natural and organic bread sales have grown 33% since 2016*

*SPINs Total US Grocery


Get inspired and start incorporating Sysco Simply Sprouted Grain Breads into your menu today:

1. Lemon-Ricotta Stuffed French Toast: Griddled lemon-ricotta filled sprouted oat grain bread served topped with toasted almonds and fresh raspberries, garnished with lemon zest, and served with warm fig compote.

2. Smoked Salmon & Poached Egg Breakfast Sandwich: Hot smoked salmon, avocado crème fraîche, shaved pickled fennel and radishes, a soft poached egg, and fennel fronds on toasted sprouted wheatberry bread.

3. Turkey-Cranberry Brie Melt: Deli-style turkey breast, creamy Brie, roasted red onions and cranberries, and acorn squash-coriander hummus on sage-buttered sprouted oat grain bread toast.

4. Al Pastor-Style Pulled Pork & Pepper Jack Melt: Al Pastor-seasoned pulled pork, pepper jack cheese, beefsteak tomato, quick-pickled pineapple and red onions, and Aleppo pepper pipian verde on sprouted wheatberry bread, grilled and served with yuca fritas.

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