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Building the Perfect Burger

When it comes to burgers, it’s all about the beef. 

Creating a signature burger for your restaurant is an artistic process. Sysco Corporate Chef Shannon Newman gives his tips on how to make a delicious, juicy patty, the heart of any good burger: 

  • Use a blend that’s 80% lean and 20% fat.  This blend strikes the best balance between flavor and juiciness.  
  • Don’t over handle the meat because it’ll make the meat tough and less flavorful.  
  • Save the juices by not pressing down on the patty while cooking. 
  • Use a flat top griddle because they seal in the juices and seasonings. A charbroiler singes and sometimes leaves a carbon flavor and dries the burger out more. 

Blend of the Meat

Buying bulk ground beef allows more opportunities to customize burger patty by allowing for different blends. The blend of the beef will have an impact on the burger’s texture and how “beefy” the flavor is. Ground chuck is often the favorite choice, but Fire River Farms carries a variety of blends that can be used to make truly one-of-a-kind burgers. 

Bun-to-Meat Ratio

Bun-to-meat ratio should be one-to-one and the burger patty should go right to the edge of the bun. Along with the patty, the bun is also a critical aspect of a good burger. From a soft and buttery brioche bun to a sesame seed bun, the options are endless. A good bun will absorb meat juices and hold the patty without falling apart and will complement the look and taste of the beef patty.

Baker’s Source Buns


Toppings add flavor depth to a burger and allow for unlimited customization options. Make a traditional burger by using lettuce and tomato or get innovative by incorporating different sauces and regional flavorings.   

Burger Recipes

We’ve rounded up the best hamburger recipes from some of our favorite chefs across the country: 

Cuban Burger: In this interpretation, a cross between a Cuban sandwich and a burger, ham and shaved pork loin are combined with Fire River Farms ground beef. Chef Douglas Sisk, Sysco South Florida.

Nashville “Hot Bacon” Pimiento Cheese Burger: Candied bacon and a side of fried green tomatoes give this Nashville “Hot Bacon” Burger a decidedly Southern touch. Chef Kelly Bean, Sysco Nashville.

Summer Haze Burger: Try offering this sophisticated option using elevated ingredients like Purple Haze goat cheese, grass fed beef from Fire River Farms and fresh arugula. Chef Amy Elliott, Sysco Minnesota. 

No matter how you cook it, making a great burger means starting with the right meat or patty. Fire River Farms has fresh and frozen options that range from 8-ounce rounds down to 2-ounce sliders. For operators looking to go up-scale, our product range includes grass-fed beef, angus beef and exotic blends that include chuck, brisket and sirloin. With Fire River Farms, the perfect burger is just a creative inspiration away.