From Pasture to Plate: Cargill Beef Supplier VB Bar Ranch Nurtures Quality and Tradition

As part of our continuing series "From the Source - The Stories Behind our Suppliers", join us as we visit VB Bar Ranch, one of the many family farms in Cargill's US beef supply chain.

Meet VB Bar Ranch

Cargill, one of Sysco’s trusted partners for beef products, sources from a network of hundreds of thousands of ranchers. One of these is VB Bar Ranch, owned by Vonda and Bryan Behrens. Learn about these amazing ranchers and the level of passion and dedication they have to their cattle that ultimately results in the high quality and performance of our beef that you can see and taste.

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Standing Rib Roast

As one of the most flavorful and tender cuts of meat, prime rib has an elegance that adds a wow factor to any holiday table and continues to extend its popularity as a special occasion meal across the globe. Nothing beats a quintessential English dinner featuring succulent prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, and classic trimmings.

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